Transport Department, Govt of Tamil Nadu, India

Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety

Government of Tamil Nadu

District Road Safety Committee

   District Road Safety Committees have been constituted in every district under the chairmanship of respective District Collectors with 13 other members. The District Road Safety Committee is mandated to meet atleast once a month to review the following:-
     a) To study and analyze the statistics relating to road accidents
     b) To review the action of the stakeholder departments for road re-engineering and other possible improvement
     c) To handle new schemes and inspection of design and construction techniques including the appropriate signage and other road furnitures.
     d) To remove encroachments and other obstructions from roads
     e) To undertake road safety campaigns like wearing of helmets and seat belts
     f) To increase awareness about road safety

   As far as Chennai city is concerned a separate Chennai District Road Safety Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Commissioner of Police with 18 other members to address various road safety issues in Chennai city.

   All the District Collectors have been requested to convene the District Road Safety Committee meeting every month to discuss various issues relating to road safety which are prevailing locally. The important decisions taken during the District Road Safety Committee meeting is being reviewed by the Transport Commissioner/Road Safety Commissioner regularly.