Transport Department, Govt of Tamil Nadu, India

Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety

Government of Tamil Nadu



                  About Us

                         Vision & Mission

                         Who's who

                                 Transport Minister

                                 Home(Transport) Secretary

                                 Transport Commissioner

                         Organization Chart

                         Functions of Dept

                         Citizen Charter

                         Role of Honour



                         License Services

                         Vehicle Services

                         Permit Services

                         Fancy Number Booking

                         Citizen Services

                         National Permit

                         Vehicular Pollution

                         SLD Maker

                         VLTD Maker




                         Learning License

                         Driving License

                         Conductor License

                         Registration of Motor Vehicle

                         Fitness Certificate



                         Alteration of Vehicle

                         Change of Address

                         Conversion of Vehicle

                         Duplicate RC

                         Fitness Certificate

                         Hypothecation Addition

                         Hypothecation Continuation

                         Hypothecation Termination

                         Online Tax

                         Reassignment of Vehicle

                         Renewal of Registration

                         Transfer of Ownership


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                         Home(Transport) Department

                         STA/Transport Commissioner Office

                         Zonal Office

                         RTO Office

                         MVI Office


                         State Transport Corporation/All STU-MDs