Transport Department, Govt of Tamil Nadu, India

Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety

Government of Tamil Nadu


S.No Notification Details
1 30th National Road Safety Week 2019 View
2 Operating Procedure for Good Samaritans View
3 Protection of Good Samatitans Guidelines View
4 G.O of Road Safety Club View
5 G.O No. 611 Autorickshaw Fare View
6 Ban on the usage of high decibel Air Horn View
7 Attention to public View
8 Notification - Stage Carriage Revision Fare View
9 Notification - Mini buses Fare View
10 Notification - Act 13 of 2012 View
11 Advance Registration Number allotted by the Regional Transport Officer View
12 Fees and Taxes collected by the Check Post View
13 Advance Number fees View
14 District Road Safety Committee and Chennai District Road Safety Committee - Reconstituted View
15 Constitution of non-lapsable Road Safety Fund View
16 Sixty Supplemental Reciprocal Agreement between the Governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala View
17 Change of Nomenclature of Commissionerate of Transport as Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety View
18 100% Exemption of Motor Vehicles Tax in respect of all Battery Operated Vehicles (Electric Vehicles) View
19 Implementation of contactless services for Learners Licence, Renewal of Driving Licence and Change of address in Driving Licence View
20 G.S.R. 714(E) Notification View
21 Upgraded Regional Transport Office, Komaraplayam, Namakkal District - Financial Sanction Accorded View