Transport Department, Govt of Tamil Nadu, India

Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety

Government of Tamil Nadu

Functions of the Transport Department

The important functions of the Transport Department

   Issue of Driving Licences, Conductor Licences, Renewals and Endorsements.

   Issue of Driving School Licence and inspection of driving schools.

   Registration of vehicles, Re-registration of vehicles, Renewal of Registration.

   Transfer of Ownership of vehicles, Endorsement of Hire Purchase Agreement/Termination in certificate of       Registration.

   Issue of Fitness Certificate and renewal to motor vehicles.

   Transfer of Permit to transport vehicles.

   Replacement of permit to transport vehicles.

   Change of routes to stage carriages and mini buses.

   Issue of Temporary permits to transport vehicles.

   Collection of tax and fees to the vehicles.

   To ensure to ply vehicles in the borders of this State under Inter State Agreement.

   Issue of temporary permits to other State vehicles at check posts while entering into this State.

   Inspection of vehicles involved in accidents.

   Inspection of vehicles and enforcement of provisions of Motor Vehicles Act.

   Impounding of vehicles which plying without Fitness Certificate and without payment of tax.

   Assisting the District Administration and Police Department during Law and Order problems, Natural calamities like flood,       election time etc., in providing vehicles.

   Checking of vehicles Air Pollution due to smoke from vehicles.

   Issue of licences and monitoring Pollution Control Checking Centres.

   Monitoring the activities of District Road Safety Committees.

   Identifying the accident-prone zone areas in National and State Highways and propose changes in road alignments and       other measures to reduce accidents.

   Monitoring Emergency Accident Relief Centres and granting financial assistance to partially sponsored centres, and       Co-ordinating with the Department of Police,Highways, Health and other Non-Government Organisations and the       Public for Road Safety.